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Posts tagged: command line

Deploying Haskell for Mac projects on OS X and Linux

A nice property of the Haskell ecosystem is that most code is quite easily portable between OS X and Linux (and often even Windows) — assuming you write a command line or server application. This raises the question of how to build a Haskell for Mac project, such that you can deploy it to machines that do not have a Haskell installation. Due to the Stack tool integration of Haskell for Mac, that is quite simple.

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Running Command Line Programs

With Haskell for Mac, most program execution during development is that of program fragments in the playground, but at some point, we want to run the whole program. In the case of a command line program, that may involve passing and parsing command line arguments, reading environment variables, and reading and writing input and output.

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Extra Packages & Command Line Tools in Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of Haskell for Mac was released today! In the previous two blog posts, we already covered two new features of this release: the upgraded compiler and libraries as well as identifier completion. In this post, we are going to look at a third frequently requested feature, namely the ability to use the integrated compiler on the command line and to be able to extend the set of library packages available within Haskell for Mac.

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